There has been a significant increase with the number of Americans blocked at the Canadian border in recent years. The figures from the Canadian Border Service Agency show that 31 percent of American citizens were turned away last year than 2015. In 2016, nearly 30,223 Americans were sent back at the boundary.

This report comes with concerns in Canada about travel to the US, over the past three to four years the numbers have increased drastically. In 2014, only 7,509 US citizens were refused an entry. The Canadian Border Service Agency stated that the numbers fluctuate from year to year and it will not speculate as to reasons for the increase.

According to BBC, an immigration lawyer said people were turned away because of the increased sharing of information and data. This also includes criminal records, between the US and Canada. It situation appears to be difficult for US citizens to cross into the Canadian border, the report also states that there may be other reasons for this cause.

The border anxiety in Canada is also believed to be linked to the Trump administration's proposed travel ban. However, it has been suspended indefinitely with pending court charges. It turns out that Canada's largest school board recently cancelled new school trips to the US.

Organizations like the Girl Guides of Canada have put trips to the US. The Toronto District School Board announced that people may be affected by US President Donald Trump's latest travel restrictions. The school board said that it was a situation of "uncertainty."

Figures provided by the US Customs and Border Protection shows the number of people being denied entry at the boundary is in line with previous years. Canada has always been known for welcoming people from other nations, right after the Trump administration took over many US citizens are trying to make their way into Canada.