“Bleach” had been known to be a Shonen series. Yet, as other people know that these type of series show more fighting and less romance, ships doesn’t stop sailing still. In that case, “Bleach” had been known to cause a controversial love triangle among lead Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki and Orihime Inoue.

In an interview at San Diego Comic-Con a few years back, “Bleach” creator had spoken about the love triangle. “I get asked about that a lot!” he laughed. “I don't want to make Bleach into a love story because there are much more exciting things about their personalities and things that they can do instead of getting into the romance aspect of their relationships” per Wiki A.

To recall, “Bleach” had started when a young lad Ichigo Kurosaki was attacked by Hollows, ghosts who became evil. Fortunately, a Soul Reaper who obviously reaps lost souls a.k.a Hollows introduced herself to Ichigo as a member of the Soul Society. But, as the Hollow attacked, Rukia was injured. She then transferred her soul reaper powers to Ichigo.

Rukia powerless then sent Ichigo as a Soul Reaper in her stead to do her job. Nonetheless, amid some “Bleach” fans shipping Rukia with Ichigo, the manga ended with him marrying Orihime and had a child. Meanwhile, Rukia had a child as well and got married with childhood friend Renji Abarai.

Hence, Comic Book listed some of the “Bleach” spin-off series that fans would have wanted if possible. The first of course is the Origins of the Gotei 13. Fans have been wanting to know more about the government body of the Soul Society. The second spin-off suggested by fans was Isshin Kurosaki’s Shinigami years.

Other spin-off series wanted by fans were Return of Aizen’s Arrancars and a battle between Soul Reapers and the Quincy race. Shunsui and Rangiku were also mentioned as well by fans to have their own spin-off.