Brad Pitt is willing to mend his relationship with his soon-to-be ex-wife Angelina Jolie even if the two are currently going through a very difficult divorce and child custody case. After the messy split, some reports were claiming that the actor actually wants to keep everything civil with the actress for the sake of their six children.

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt last year and this shocked the world including the actor. He did not actually expect her to file for divorce that's why he was really hurt with the split. It has been reported that the actor had a difficult time coping with this tragic split which was made worse when she stopped him from seeing their kids a per Mirror.

And now since Brad Pitt is really thinking about his six children with Angelina Jolie, he will do everything just to see and be with them regularly. With this, it has been reported that he decided to put their differences aside and to patch things up with the actress. It has been reported too that he is willing to do everything to keep things friendly with the actress.

According to reports, no matter how much Angelina Jolie hurts him, Brad Pitt is still very much willing to mend his relationship with her. He thinks that the welfare of their children is what matters most than anything in the world. He also knows that having a respectful and cordial relationship with her is what's best for the six kids.

It may be very hard to regain the trust but reports were claiming that Angelina Jolie is letting Brad Pitt med the relationship. The two are reportedly taking to each other every day and they are looking forward to the kids' special events. Reports were also suggesting that Shiloh wants them to be together during her birthday and it seems like she is going to get that.

Brad Pitt is right when he is thinking about this when it comes to his relationship with Angelina Jolie. In the first place, despite all the nasty things they have thrown each other after the split, still it's the children that counts