Blake Shelton does have eyes that admire girlfriend Gwen Stefani but he also praises beauty if he spots it in someone else. The country singer was recently seen praising Luke Bryan, "The Voice" Season 12 advisor and their banter seemed to give the impression that Shelton was flirting with him.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are going strong in their relationship but that does not mean the country singer does not flirt. According to US Weekly, Shelton was recently seen flirting with "The Voice" Season 12 advisor Luke Bryan and their banter was quite interesting. The footage from Tuesday's episode of "The Voice" has Shelton complimenting Bryan for his pretty eyes and the latter asks him if he likes his pretty eyes.

To this, Blake Shelton replies that his eyes are prettier than his own and then proceeds to admire his butt, saying that his butt always looks good in jeans. Later on, Shelton compliments his muscles and tells him that he likes Bryan's summer body. This leads "The Voice" Season 12 advisor to return the compliment and he says that he likes Shelton's little belly.

Shelton explains that it was an annual and year-round thing. However, the praising program does not stop here and Blake Shelton moves on to say that Bryan's wife is hot and the latter admits that he is cool with Shelton looking at his wife. Their banter continues and Shelton jokes if they are getting married to which Bryan said maybe they are.

The light-hearted flirting of the two men is really fun to watch and if fans remember, it was just few days back that Gwen Stefani had admitted to finding one of the contestants on "The Voice" pretty hot. She had said that she was so mesmerized looking at him that she forgot to concentrate on his vocals. This caused Shelton to feign jealousy and he also mock-threatened the contestant.

It is worth mentioning here that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been in a relationship for almost two years and all the credit goes to "The Voice" for bringing them together.