Space science has been the subject of interest for many of us and this interest has been ignited by a huge amount in the last few decades. The main reason of such growing interest is the latest discoveries by NASA and other space organisations in different countries.

Scientists have recently discovered a brown coloured dwarf which is purest and at the same time massive as well. This brown dwarf is a failed star which is completely made with gases like helium and hydrogen. This brown dwarf is situated in a region which is somewhere between the planets and active stars. This brown dwarf is called 'failed star' just because of its components. The star is almost full with hydrogen and helium gases but it has not enough energy which can convert hydrogen gases to helium gases. Therefore, the star does not shine that much. That is the main reason why this brown dwarf is called a 'failed star'.  

According to the scientists of Institute of Astrophysics in Canary islands, After the discovery of the 'failed star', it is confirmed that the dwarf has more hydrogen and helium gases than the Sun. To be precise, scientists have confirmed that the dwarf has more than 99.90 percent of Hydrogen and Helium gases in it.  When it comes to the pureness scientists have conveyed that the dwarf is 250 times more pure than the Sun. This type of discoveries was never done before and it is expected that it will help to open a new chapter in space science.

The object was first discovered back in the year of 1992 but it was never classified then. But scientists have recently classified this object as an M-Class dwarf which is considered as the coolest star of the universe. Scientists are expecting to gather more knowledge about this dwarf.