"General Hospital" spoilers hint that Melty Face Faison (Anders Hove) will return to Port Charles which has been transpired before during an episode between Anna and Dr. Obrecht. It has been suggested also that viewers will also expect a great battle between Faison and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart).

It has been reported on "General Hospital" spoilers that Faison will make his way to Port Charles to take down Valentin including his insufferable smirk. It will also be foreshadowed by a recent phone call which could only prove that this is true after all. This throw down starts when Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) which has been considered as the superspy asks Dr. Liesel Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) for help and this is to take down her oppressor. It can be recalled that Valentin just paid her a visit offering her something which she can hardly refuse.

"General Hospital" spoilers also claim that the spooky encounter with Valentin will pave way to the new episodes of the said series which could lead to May Sweeps as per Sweep Hub. Since she is not that interested to accept his condition, Anna goes to Obrecht for help. This way, Anna requested a hit on Valentin while he hatched a stolen embryo. On the other hand, Faison is an international villain while Obrecht is so in love with him.

Anna then tells Obrecht that she needs an intel on Valentin but the latter objects. However, Anna still goes for the red meat and definitely Faison knows something. The scientist then informs Miss Thing that Faison has finally gotten over Anna that's why he no longer needs to be reminded of his dysfunctional fascination. But it might be viewed that this is just another wishful thinking of Dr. Obrecht.

But "General Hospital" spoilers claim that Dr. Obrecht will not be able to resist that temptation of Anna and then she finally concedes that she could eventually contact Faison on one condition. She assured that this will only happen if and only if the charges against Faison and Britt will be dropped. However, Anna cannot just take that condition and reminds the doctor that Valentin's wife is her niece.