Russian President Vladimir Putin has met France's presidential candidate Marine Le Pen in Moscow, Putin feels that Marine represents a fast growing element of European Politics. Ms Le Pen has gathered extreme views from most of the foreign leaders, she also gathered a widespread support at France.

While Putin spoke on the election campaign in France and its active developing, Russia was accused for meddling in the US election in support for Donald Trump. Putin at his meeting with Ms Le Pen stated that he does not want to influence events in any manner, but he feels that they have the right to talk to representatives of all the countries political forces as per BBC.

Ms Le Pen is the leader of France's National Front Party, she was called to Moscow for the lifting of EU sanctions against Russia. The French presidential candidate said she believes that barring parliamentarians from speaking to each other, is working as an infringement of democratic rights.

It is no surprise that Ms Le Pen has previously stated her approval of Russia's invasion of Crimea. She strongly believes that Russia and France must work together to save the world from globalism and Islamic fundamentalism. Its turns out that Moscow likes what Ms Le Per has to say, and they certainly like her call for EU sanctions imposed on Russia to be scrapped.

This has been rare for Vladimir Putin to receive a presidential candidate from another country. The coverage for Ms Le Pen in the Russian media has been favorable, but she was less than happy to deal with the coverage of the media. She never showed up for a press meeting at the lower house of parliament.

There are also talks about Russian banks financing Ms Le Pen for her presidential campaign. However, no news on that has been confirmed. At this moment Vladimir Putin and Ms Le Pen are on the same side as they wish to support each other in politics and saving the world.