There are 2,043 billionaires but where do they live? Which are the cities with the most billionaires? New York tops the list with 82. As a whole they have almost $400 billion, David Koch is the richest with $48.3 billion. The second richest resident is Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of the city.

The second place is for capitalist and opulent Hong Kong. Forbes reports that this hub of wealth has 75 billionaires. They have a combined net worth of almost $300 billion. Li Ka-shing is the richest with $31.2 billion. Some 25 of those billionaires have their fortune linked to real estate. 

From communism to capitalism, Moscow boasts 73 billionaires with a combined wealth of $297 billion. The richest is Leonid Mikhelson with more than $18.4 billion. Their fortunes are linked to steel, oil, metals, coal and natural gas. Lenin would be surprised if he were alive.

Other wealthy cities

China has experienced huge changes since the times of Mao. The Chinese capital, Beijing, is fourth. It is home to 54 billionaires who have more than $161 billion as a whole. Wang Jianlin leads with $31.3 billion, he has been expanding his real estate empire. London has the fifth place with 50 billionaires, they have more than $217 billion. Len Blavatnik is the richest resident with $20 billion. 

Mumbai has the biggest billionaire population in India, 41 business magnates. They own $149.1 billion, Mukesh Ambani is the richest with $23.2 billion. Ambani has been Mumbai's richest resident since 2003. Shanghai, the most populated city in China, has 40 billionaires. They have a combined net worth of $91.9 billion, the richest one is Liu Yongxing with $6.6 billion. 

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, boasts 37 billionaires with a combined wealth of $91.4 billion. Kun-Hee Lee is the richest with $15.1 billion. Shenzhen, a Chinese city, has 35 billionaires with $129.4 billion, Ma Huateng leads with $24.9 billion. San Francisco has 32 billionaires, with a combined net worth of $86.6 billion. The richest one is Dustin Moskovitz, his fortune is $10.7 billion.