Rosoboronexport, a defence company from Russia, will sell weapons to India. There have been negotiations about it, India plans to buy 48 Mi-17V-5 helicopters and 4 frigates of the Project 11356P/M. Two of the frigates will be built in Russia and the other two in India.

Everything depends on how fast the negotiations advance. Pravda reports that in India a shipyard for the construction of the frigates is being chosen now. India and Russia have had strong ties for many years, they have cooperated in many areas. Russia has always supplied weapons to India, since the times of the Soviet Union.

Russia is one of the most important producers of weapons on the planet. The Rosoboronexport's backlog of orders makes up 46 billion dollars, and it could be even more this year. Russia has been one of the main exporters of weapons for a long time.

Russia also sells weapons to China

India is not the only customer, China also purchases the Russian Su-35 fighters and S-400 air defence systems. These Russian weapons in the hands of China threaten the US superiority in the air. The Russian technologies allow China to increase the development of its own up-to-date fighters. 

If the S-400 is deployed at the Taiwan Strait, it will be a headache for United States. Although China and US have increased their economic links the last years, there are strong disagreements because of Taiwan. China considers that Taiwan is part of its territory, thus, it must come back to the mainland. China has always seen Taiwan as a rebel province.

In the past China could recover Hong Kong and Macau. Taiwan is an important ally of United States, which is disliked by China. Russian weapons can help the most populated country on the planet gain stronger military capabilities. All this happens in a moment when North Korea is testing its military capabilities.