Google's official page link for its doodle celebrating the 140 years of test cricket shows that it is full hit in India and Australia. The link featuring the doodle of Google does not show full blue color to England, which competed against Australia in the first test match that began on March 15, 1877 and ended on March 19, 1877. To this day, 140 years after, England and Australian are still competing against each other in cricket test matches.

As of Monday, Google has yet no update on the its page link where England's hit of the celebratory doodle is visibly absent. The hit and reach of the doodle of Google may have run parallel to the recent rankings of competing national teams in the current ICC Test Championship. Leading the pack in Top 10 as of Monday are India, Rank 1, then Australia, Rank 2, South Africa, Rank 3 and England, Rank 4.

The doodle of Google to celebrate test cricket's 140 years quickly gave millennials and tech companies such as Google an idea what is test cricket. The doodle came in with six colorful cricketers performing different activities on a cricket field. The red ball has always been the center of eyes' attention. There in the field are mustachioed and musclebound, the batsmen, bowlers and opposition fielders fighting in action, said Google.

At present, there is still a red ball, a pink ball to play in Day/Night Tests, but One Day International formats and T20 players in colorful outfit use a white ball. Now the millennials and workers of tech companies who have seen the doodle of Google and subsequently viewed at least one test cricket game on YouTube have come to know how immense the test cricket is as sports.

Test cricket is considered as the longest form of sports, with two teams of 11 players playing four-inning match that may last for five days or longer. The Test Status of national teams is determined by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the governing body of cricket. In the very first test match held in Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia won by 45 runs, and in the test match to celebrate cricket's 100 years Australia beat England by 45 runs.