Cindy Crawford just revealed that George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin were really shocked with the pregnancy news and it was unexpected for the couple. The former supermodel also added that she doesn't see the actor doing diaper duties in the future or sooner.

George Clooney and Anal Alamuddin's good friend shared that while the Hollywood actor is going to be a good father, she doesn't agree to the idea that he is going to be a hands-on dad too. She also hinted that the Hollywood power couple might not have planned for the pregnancy after all. It has been reported that the couple confirmed the news that they are expecting twins last February as per The Sun.

Cindy also shared that excitement with the news when it broke out. She said that together with her friends, they are fans of parenthood. It was really unbelievable for George Clooney and for Amal Alamuddin too. She was surprised with the news that all of a sudden the actor will get married and he will start to have a family of his own. This was indeed incredible and Cindy Crawford together with their friends is also excited for this. But she is uncertain of George will be doing the diapers.

So perhaps this means that Amal Alamuddin was not really planning and looking to get pregnant in the first place. This perhaps was the case since before Amal announced her pregnancy, she juggled her time in many high-profile international cases. In fact, some critics believed that the stunning lawyer was determined to use her status to establish her reputation in the courtroom even if George Clooney is already worried about their safety as reported on Fox News.

It will no longer ne shocking for the public if George Clooney was blindsided by Amal Alamuddin's pregnancy news. It can be recalled that he made it clear before that fatherhood as never a thing for him. Moreover, he revealed weeks ago that he feeling both unprepared and nervous for fatherhood.