Russia will improve its weapons, it will launch eighth-generation aircraft to challenge NATO. Specialists of the United Aircraft Corporation are ready to start designing it. The designers want to to create a new multipurpose combat aviation system with advanced developed technical intelligence. Russia and the West are competing for supremacy.

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) will establish a group of designers and technologists to create a complex fighter aircraft against NATO. Pravda reports the scientists will be able to elaborate an algorithm for the creation of fighter aircraft of the 9th, 10th and next generations. UAC specialists intend to design manned and unmanned models.

They will be light and medium class and most likely single-engine aircraft. The manned fighter will take part in battles in the company of unmanned aircraft. Unmanned fighters will set the course, conduct reconnaissance activities and protect the manned aircraft.

More details about the aircraft

The unmanned aircraft will conduct tactical air reconnaissance, attacks in dangerous environments with a high intensity of threats. It will bring changes in the flight program of an unmanned vehicle, redirecting it to new targets. Additional protection will be provided by electronic warfare of a new level. Piloted and unmanned fighters will operate in the company of virtual simulators to make the destruction of the real squad as highly problematic as possible.

The new Russian aircraft of the 8th generation will carry missile-gun arms. Missiles will be inside and outside the aircraft. The designers also want to give artificial intellect of Russian origin to the new aircraft. Equipped with hypersonic engines, the fighter jets will reach near-earth orbits, perform combat missions there and come back to Earth.

The new Russian planes will resemble space fighters from Star Wars. The new aircraft will be created by different design bureaus at the same time. This complex fighter will not be called either MiG or Su, it will have its own original name. It will be a challenge for NATO.