The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is constantly trying to draw Russia into a confrontation, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. He also stated that members of the alliance continue to interfere in the domestic affairs of Russia and that they want to create chaos.

The accusations came as the Russian leader addressed senior members of the local intelligence agency FSB on Thursday. Putin declared that over the last years the global security situation has worsened, he added that many existing threats have become more serious lately.

NATO with its "newly-declared official mission to deter Russia" has become the real threat against Russia according to Putin. He added that this is the real goal behind the expansion of NATO, Putin declared that it happened in the past but now they have found a new justification which they believe to be serious.

Foreign intelligence agencies are meddling in Russia

"In fact, they are constantly provoking us, trying to drag us into a confrontation," Vladimir Putin declared. The Russian leader added that NATO members are continuing their efforts to meddle in the domestic affairs of Russia and they want to destabilize the social and political order in the country.

Vladimir Putin added that foreign intelligence agencies keep advancing with intensive operations in Russia. He said that in the past year 53 foreign intelligence operatives and 386 agents from foreign intelligence services were busted.

Putin regrets the lack of cooperation 

The Russian President also expressed regret about the lack of cooperation between Russia and Western nations. He stated that they are no longer coordinating efforts to fight against common foes such as terrorist groups.

Vladimir Putin stated that is is in everyone's interest to resume conversations between the intelligence agencies of US and other members of NATO. Western countries and Russia have had problems related with terrorism or fundamentalism.