McDonald's stated that its Twitter account was compromised after it sent a message attacking President Donald Trump. The tweet was: "You are a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back." The message also asserted that Donald Trump had tiny hands. Later, McDonald's deleted the tweet.  

Many measures taken by Donald Trump are disliked by a high percentage of people and companies in US. BBC reports that McDonald's stated that they deleted the tweet, secured their account and are now investigating this. The US President is making many reforms that are seen as unpopular.

US has been a country of immigrants for a long time and Trump wants to impose some changes and restrictions on immigrants from certain countries. Many US companies hire foreign workers and depend a lot on them to keep advancing and growing. This has been very common among Information Technology companies. 

More details about this issue

McDonald's stated that it was notified by Twitter that the account had been compromised. It is not clear whether this meant that the account was hacked or if it was taken over by a rogue employee. This is not the first time that situations like this happen. In January, the BBC stated that one of its accounts had been hacked after it reported that US President Donald Trump had been shot.

Many accounts are vulnerable because of the advanced technology that hackers use. Hacking has become common the last years, thus, companies try to protect their information. Anyway, the issue related with McDonald's and Trump is not clear yet. 

Trump has imposed bans, restrictions and other measures that are seen as a violation of freedom. US has been a country of immigrants for a very long time. Immigrants have become a key element in the life of US, they are a high percentage of the labour force.