"This is Us" Season 1 finale did not see Jack dying and the suspense over his death has led to various theories floating in the air. Fans are saying that he could fake his death. The mystery is driving them crazy but Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack, has said that the finale was good.

The way "This is Us" Season 1 finale evaded Jack's death, it has only deepened the mystery around his end and led to speculations among fans, US Weekly reported. The dreaded death scene did not air on Tuesday and now fans have taken to social media with a rather strange theory. It is being said that Jack did not die and just faked his death. He is alive somewhere else and would return later in the next season or the seasons that will be coming ahead.

Notably, after the March 7 episode, everyone was sure that Jack would die in a road accident. The empty beer cans resting on the passenger seat of his car indicated towards the impending death. What is more, when the "This is Us" Twitter account teased a video with the words "This is it," right after the episode, the writing was clear on the wall.

In the meantime, Milo Ventimiglia aka Jack said that the 'This is Us' Season 1 finale episode has shown a different side of the show, but it was a side that was necessary to show. In an interview to People, he said that with the light, one has got to have the dark and with the good, one has got to have the bad. He revealed that with the happiness of Jack and Rebecca, viewers are also going to see their complete and total breakdown.

Milo Ventimiglia also admitted that he knows people are dying to know more after "This is US" Season 1 finale and they have only given them a sip of water when there is an entire ocean to drink. So, does this mean there is more to Jack's death story than what meets the eye? Only coming seasons will reveal.