Kaley Cuoco's ex-boyfriend, Johnny Galecki (who also happens to be her co-star) and current boyfriend are completely comfortable with each other and get along well. "The Big Bang Theory" actress' photo on Instagram clearly shows their friendship and that her boyfriend Karl Cook and ex-Johnny Galecki were having a blast.

Kaley Cuoco, "The Big Bang Theory" actress, seems to be having an amusing time as her ex-boyfriend Johnny Galecki and current boyfriend Karl Cook get along very well, Huffington Post claimed. On Tuesday, she shared a picture on her Instagram account that shows both the men having a blast on the sets of "The Big Bang Theory." The photo shows Cook and Galecki holding each other and puckering their lips and all this as they sit on the couch of Sheldon and Leonard.

Cuoco captioned the photo with a feigned warning asking Galecki to get off his man. However, it was not just one photograph that Kaley Cuoco shared. Before posting this one, she shared another where she is seen sharing a kiss with Karl Cook while cuddling on the same couch. She also wrote below if her followers could tell that she loves it when Cook comes to visit her at work.

According to Comicbook, her followers were delighted with the picture of her ex and beau and showed their love with 118K likes and hundreds of comments. Her fans were pretty amused with the adorable equation shared by the two men in her life. Notably, Kaley Cuoco dated Johnny Galecki, her co-star for two years, from 2008 to 2010.

After Kaley Cuoco dated Johnny Galecki's breakup, they continued to work together and also remained friends. Their rapport was so good that some even thought they had reconciled. However, it was not true. The good part is that their bond has only bettered over these years. The icing on the cake is that Galecki also gels well with her current beau, Karl Cook.