President Donald Trump during a news conference made a statement saying that, probably Vladimir Putin assumes that he is not going to be able to make a deal with him. Trump further stated that he is politically not popular to make a deal.

During the conference he also blamed "fake news" and "leaked" information of media reports about the issue between his campaign and Russian officials. According to the Washington Post, Russian military provocations might be motivated by Putin's belief that Trump has been politically weakened with all the controversies surrounding him.   

Trump made it clear that it is the false, horrible and fake reporting that is making it hard to make a deal with Russia. He further said that Putin was probably behind his desk saying, it seems to be impossible for Trump to get along with Russia due to all the pressure he has with this fake story.

Russian war planes have been flying over a U.S. naval vessel in the Black Sea, there have also been other issues like the Russian spy ship appearing 30 miles off the Connecticut coast. Trump also stated that those actions were "not good" and hopefully he will not have to do anything.

According to Tillerson, a former Chief Executive for Exxon sated that America will only consider working with Russia when they can find areas of political cooperation. He also said they will work together if that will benefit the American people. Though Tillerson voiced out his duty he has no previous experience in public office but he has attended several meetings with his diplomatic counterparts.

Trump also stated that he could have shot the so called Russian spy ship 30 miles offshore right out of the water. But that will not be great and it's something he does not want, instead he would love to be able to get along with Russia.