Six people have been reportedly shot dead at a mosque in Quebec City on Sunday night, as the attack took place at the city's Islamic Cultural Center the incident is being investigated by the police as an act of terrorism.

As witnesses stated that three people carried out the attack the fatal shooting had also left eight civilians injured. The shot out took place during the evening prayers, two arrests were made later on by the police and they believe that the third suspect could still be on the run as per The Guardian.

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said they condemn the terrorist attack on Muslims in a center of refuge and worship. One suspect was reported to be carrying an AK- 47 assault rifle and one was 27 years old.

The two gunmen were wearing black and they opened fire randomly into dozens of worshipers, including families present at the mosque. Following the attack the Canadian province's premier, Philippe Couillard said that he would ask the National Assembly to fly the Quebec flag at half staff as per CNN.

The police later on declared the situation was under control and the site was secure, the occupants of the mosque were evacuated safely.

With further investigation, police are not ruling out the existence of accomplices. The might be other suspects involved in the shooting but it will need some time to figure it out. Five of the victims that are injured are currently receiving treatment at the University Hospital in Quebec. The hospital spokesperson Richard Fournier said other victims are in different hospitals throughout the city.

Two vigils will take place in Quebec City and Montreal, this is not the first time the cultural center has been targeted. Last year a pig's head was wrapped and sent to the center and a magazine consisting of a pig on its cover saying "Bonne Appétit."