President Barrack Obama is leaving office with an approval rating of almost 60 percent. In 2009 his transition approval rating was 83 percent, which is more than double with his successor Donald Trump who has 40 percent approval rating for his transition.

Though Obama is just behind Bill Clinton who had 65 percent and Ronald Regan with 64 percent, he still overtook his predecessor George W Bush and Richard Nixon. The highest poll approval rating was Franklin Roosevelt with 66 percent as per UPI.

It is also reported that Obama's rating for handling healthcare is 52 percent and 53 percent dealing with terrorism. However, overall 42 percent approve him strongly and 42 percent disapprove.

According to US Breaking News, he earned positive ratings on key characteristics as 60 percent of the voters stated that he had done a good job. His Strongest among specific segments was by the black people, which are 92 percent, democrats 90 percent and city dwellers 75 percent.

The other ratings among conservatives are 18 percent, white people 47 percent, college graduates 62 percent and 58 percent non-college graduates. His lowest approval rating was 40 percent but nearly 61 percent of the respondents approve him personally in the poll.

Considering the rating from all the respondents the Barrack Obama has done an equally good job, 51 percent agreed that Obama will go down in history as an above average president. His approval rating between those who wanted Trump to win the presidency was 19 percent compared with 97 percent of those who wanted Hillary Clinton to win.

The poll was produced by Langer Research Associates and it was conducted on January 12, 2015. It was among a random sample of 1005 American adults and it consists of a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points. With this the American president will bid farewell as the president-elect Donald Trump will take office this week.