After winning the election, Donald Trump is now taking the credit for the Sprint plan to add 5000 jobs in the US. He declared his victory on Wednesday for bringing back jobs, according to his promise. Previously he forced to corporate America to create more jobs in US soil than in other countries.

"I was just called by the head people at Sprint, and they are going to be bringing 5,000 jobs back to the United States," said Trump to the reporters at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. He said that Sprint is ready to bring back 5000 jobs in the US from other countries.

Masayoshi Son, CEO of Soft Bank, a Japanese billionaire and a technology investor met with Trump in the early of this month in New York. At that meeting, it was decided that Soft Bank will invest $50 billion to create 50,000 jobs. Moreover, Soft Bank is one of the major investors in One Web and that will create more than 3000 jobs in the USA.

Trump said "They're bringing them back to the United States and Masa and some other people were very much involved in that so I want to thank them,". He also added that creating more 3000 jobs by One Web is quite exciting.

It is not clear till now that where these 8000 jobs will be based. Bringing back jobs in the USA was one of the major parts of his presidential campaigning.

In November Trump made a deal with Carrier to keep 850 jobs in Indianapolis factory which were planned to be shifted to Mexico. According to the deal Carrier will get $7 million incentives by keeping jobs in Indiana polis Factory.

Though the above-mentioned plan was decided between Trump and Carrier still Carrier is planning to shift 1000 jobs to Mexico. The carrier is not the only one who is thinking so, but also another factory owned by the ball bearing maker Rexnord thinking to leave Indianapolis factory soon.