Tech giants are planning to develop new and unique design for smarts phones. Samsung is going to improvise the design of Galaxy S9. They are planning to make this model folded. It can be assumed that the design will be superb. Is Samsung will be the first or other tech giants also will launch this latest design?

Some information that reveals many tech giants are working on the foldable smartphone including Apple. Now the question is will Apple be able to release foldable smartphone within 2018? It can be assumed from the previous amazing designs that Apple definitely will release first and will be more popular within 2019.

It is essential to make the phone display flexible for foldable smartphones. LCD is not flexible whereas OLED is flexible and coincidentally Apple is going to launch their first OLED phone with a curved display in the next year. There is only one company all over the world who can make mass colorless polyimide to protect foldable OLED screen and that is Kolon Industries.

Kang Chung-Seok, head of Kolon Industries, informed that three to five tech companies are trying hard to produce foldable phones in 2018. This production will acquire 20percent of the total Smartphone market.

This famous company will produce the special OLED mass and supply to several tech giants. Apple is also included in the list. First foldable is expected to have a bend radius of 5 millimeters.

Kang Chung also added that the bend radius of the smartphone should be 1 millimeter, but it can create a safety problem. So the tech companies are trying to have the bend radius of Five millimeters.

Plans of making foldable smartphone are done, the process is going on. Now it's the time to wait and see which tech giant complete their mission first and launch the most awaited phone in the market.