The Cyanogen OS started with a dream run when it was first launched in the market. The Cyanogen OS is based on the Android platform and it was designed to run Tablet and smartphones. Initially, when the OS has launched the popularity of the OS was high and that has inspired few companies to launch phones with this OS.

When the Cyanogen OS was at its peak then there was a great chance that it could beat the Google's Android OS. But ultimately, in reality, it was proved that the dream was too big to achieve. To be honest, it can be said that the Cyanogen was never in the same league of Google Android as well.

On Friday, the startup company has announced that on December 31, 2016, they will shut down all the services. That means all the phones which were running on the Cyanogen OS will not receive any new updates. Therefore, it can be considered as a huge disappointment for the owners of Lenovo ZUK Z1 and One Plus One as they will not receive any kind of updates of the OS.

Though the users of the Cyanogen OS will not receive any kind of updates after 31st December but still the source code and the open source project will be available to all. Therefore a mod version of the Cyanogen OS can be easily built. Therefore, the Cyanogen users have to rely on the mod version of the OS after 31st December. 

There are many developers who have reacted to the situation and most of them said that it was a death blow to Cyanogen OS. The startup has worked on the OS for more than eight years and finally it is time to bid adieu. The Company has announced that they will work on a new android open source platform called Lineage.