The game attracts every intrigued gamer with its title itself 'Final Fantasy'. Undoubtedly, it's one of the most sold games in the gaming industry out there.

Its also one of the most popular games by the developer Square Enix. Its massive open-world role-playing action game saw a recent release with the Final Fantasy XV release to consoles like the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

 The PC release for the game is extremely unlikely. Two days after release, Twitch clocked in a lot of streamers getting on with this game including prominent streamers like CohhCarnage individually pulling around fifteen thousand viewers in each of his streams.

The developers seemed to have got everything done properly making it the fastest selling title in its franchise history. According to Gamasutra, an estimate released by the Japanese press reported that the game had crossed five million purchases worldwide with no clear information of precise sales for each console. It's also reported that the game created a world record for most sold game on day one of release.

There's one talking point that is currently creating a lot of buzz among the enthusiasts who've bought it. It is the fact that the game currently has a download size of more than forty gigabytes for the Playstation 4 console whereas its competitors Xbox One has an additional 10GB making it a whopping 50GB of download size which is debatable considering it is open world environment.

However, this hasn't stopped anybody from buying the game considering its worldwide popularity created by the franchise.

The download size is inclusive of the day 1 patch which has no other details regarding the release notes. It is also speculated to be one of the largest ever video games developed for consoles, to have such a huge file size excluding ultimate editions and bundled DLCs etc.