So it's out. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were caught and shot during their public holiday shopping at Piccadilly. They were captured buying a Christmas tree for Harry's Nottingham Cottage home. And their photographs together were published for the first time.

The couple strolled through thousands of shoppers down Shaftesbury Avenue and through Piccadilly looking at the Christmas lights. Dressed casually in knit hats and jeans, like any other couple, they then bought tickets to watch the comedy 'Peter Pan Wrong' at the Apollo Theatre.

Meghan had flown in from Toronto on Monday, December 12 in order to return to Nottingham Cottage, Kensington Palace grounds. It followed just a couple of weeks after Prince Harry tripped from Caribbean to Toronto, instead of returning home to England.

Employees at The Pines and Needles shop in Battersea spotted the royal pair and explained that they bought a six-foot Nordmann Fir. One employee, Zaqia Crawford said she could not say who they were: "They knew exactly what they wanted - it wasn't a long process. [Harry and Meghan] were really friendly, really nice...I didn't know it was them at all." However a number of others at the shop knew exactly who they were.

Earlier, it was rumoured that Kate Middleton did not like the super-fast dating that the couple was undertaking. However, she seems more reconciled now and even ready to welcome Meghan Markle to join the Royal Family at Sandringham for Christmas, if need be.