The most unlikely pairing of Prince Harry and Rihanna during his recent visit to Barbados for his Caribbean tour has hit fans and thrown up some bizarre requests.

The pair had great fun during their special concert to help mark Barbados' 50th anniversary of independence. "At one point, Rihanna was even seen teasing and flirting with Harry when they volunteered to take HIV tests to highlight World Aids Day," according to celebdirtylaundry

Excited fans flooded Kensington Palace's Instagram account, asking the pair to team up, although it was the first time the two were meeting. Some even called them a "match made in heaven". The advice is that "they should 'make babies' with each other."

All that is just idle speculation, of course. Prince Harry is smitten and serious about his girlfriend, Meghan Markle. He wouldn't by the remotest stretch of imagination replace her with anyone.

Moreover, how would Queen Elizabeth give her blessing for such a tie? She is already having her hands full with his dating of Meghan Markle. The royal couple, Prince William and Kate, have brought her other problems, say rumors. The Queen would not want the royal name to be tarnished with more gossip. She also wouldn't want a famous star in the family. Instead, she would be looking for a member who is "passionate and engaged in their charity work and royal duties and responsibilities." A number of inside sources have even said that Kate doesn't meet the mark. So would the Queen be able to brook another star who is far removed from her expectations?

Finally, it would not be any surprise if Meghan Markle too is furious that either Prince Harry has hooked up with Rihanna, or even that there is any reason, or just speculation, for fans to think so. It is obvious that the immensely popular Prince Harry would be alluring to Rihanna. But can Meghan tolerate anything beyond a cursory relationship between the two?

Certainly not! What do you think?