Games developer and publisher, Supercell, is expected to come out with a holiday-themed update for their highly popular massively multiplayer free-to-play mobile video game, "Clash of Clans." While the studio had always been upfront with teasing its new updates, the lack of any details regarding this year's Christmas-themed patch has started to spawn different theories online.

Several reports regarding the hit MMO are adamant that players of the game will in fact be getting a big update this month that will include a lot of new content. The last update that was released by the company was its Halloween update, which added different Halloween-themed items and changes.

The company of course hasn't really skipped a beat when it comes to releasing these sorts of patches.  So players are confident that they will be getting a big Christmas-themed update very soon.

According to the latest rumor reports, the new update may contain some new game modes and possibly even some additional troops taken directly from the game's spin-off title, "Clash Royale". Some of the rumored units that will likely be added include the Ice Wizard and the Lumberjack. Given the possible winter-theme of the update, it would make a lot of sense for the developer to inject some of the ice-themed characters from "Clash Royale" into "Clash of Clans."

As of the moment, the studio has yet to announce the official release date for the update and only teased that it was in fact coming. Reports are however claiming that the update should become live a few days before Christmas day if not earlier.

Other reports are claiming that the release date should lie somewhere between Dec. 19 and Dec. 23. For now, fans of the game just have to wait and see when the actual update will be released. The studio will also likely come out with an official announcement when they finally decide on a fixed date.