According to reports Scott Disick is having a really tough time dealing with the sudden loss of his parents. A report from Life & Style magazine (via Wetpaint) claims that the entire Kardashian family is concerned because he is reportedly turning to alcohol instead of dealing with the loss.  

The reality star lost his mother, Bonnie Disick in November and his father, Jeff Disick died two months later in January. Everyone has their own way of coping with grief but the report claims that Disick is back to his old ways and started partying again to help him cope.

"Scott's response to his dad dying is very weird," a source told the magazine. "He doesn't acknowledge any of it. He'll just say, 'What are we doing tonight? Let's get wasted.'"

"[Kourtney Kardashian's] hurt that he's slipped into his old ways," the source continued. "The entire Kardashian family is afraid that Scott's going down a dangerous path. They're hoping to get him help before something really bad happens."

According to Hollywood Life, two days after Disick attended his father's funeral, he was partying with Lil Twist for the rapper's birthday. Reportedly, Kardashian has been begging her longtime boyfriend to check himself into rehab ever since his mother died.

Sources claim Disick started drinking heavily again after Bonnie's passing.

"Kourtney is beside herself," a source told The National Enquirer, Radar Online reports. "She was giving him time to grieve, but now he's drinking with a vengeance."

Disick reportedly checked into rehab in 2010 for alcohol abuse and the mother-of-two wants him to go back or to at least attend AA meetings.

Bonnie passed away at the age of 63 during the first week of November, E! News reports. A source told Radar that the loss left Disick "devastated."

"Scott was very close to his mother," the source said.

Two months later on Jan. 3, Disick's father suddenly passed away. Details on the death have not been released.