The sun is smiling at us. Or so the images captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) show.

The images reveal a sun "with two eyes, a nose and a mouth." Check out the picture below. You can see that other eccentric features include "cheekbones and male-patterned baldness." The sun is clearly beaming out its happiness on the universe.

It was the scientist Karl Battams who spotted the smiling face and uploaded a picture on Twitter. He explained how we could spot the smile

He said that a couple of "bright features" that look like its eyes are the "active regions" of the star generating a "solar flare causing-sunspots."

The sun's smile is just a solar filament. This is a "long string of plasma" that is discovered in its environment. There are many other dark regions that indicate the sun's hair and nose. These are coronal holes generating "solar wind."

However, the 'facial features' are not permanent but transient. As the plasma and magnetic field are mobile, they continue to move, reconnect and fall into various patterns.

However, this is not the first 'face' of the sun that NASA has captured. It caught a face two years ago, though without the happy smile. It was called "Jack-o-Lantern" and showed the sun's creepy face.  

Scientists reveal that the sun was the first object created by the cloud of dust and gas in the solar system. While this star sucked 99 percent of matter from the "disk of debris" around it, the remaining material created the other planets, according to NASA.