A huge fireball exploded over Norway and Siberia. It was so bright that it actually turned night into day. Could it be a meteorite?

Maybe - but it could also be a "wormhole opening so an alien spacecraft could depart for another dimension", according to conspiracy theorists.

Many images of the massive fireball were shot and uploaded in social media.

Scott C Waring, editor of ufosightingsdaily.com wrote in his blog: "UFO Forms Giant Worm Hole Over Norway Turning Night Into Day", he wrote: "The UFO is forming a black hole around it...do you see? It's not a meteorite exploding, it's creating the hole first...then it will enter with a flash of light and the hole is gone. What you see here is a UFO opening up a wormhole to just disappear."

He did admit that he had digitally manipulated the images too. He added: "I added light and all around the UFO, you see blackness. It's not natural...it's a black hole being formed by the UFO to shoot through time and space. Some alien was too lazy to leave Earth's orbit and just took off in one hell of a hurry."

Dave Wilkinson agreed: "It's definitely not a meteorite in my opinion. I've seen something similar while I was driving down I-10 in 1987 at about 3am in the Florida panhandle. There were 4 other cars on the highway. We all pulled over. Everyone agreed it was not a meteor. It lit up the woods around us like daylight. Then a large object flew across the sky. It was glowing bright blue. It got halfway across the sky, then disappeared in another bright blue flash almost as bright as the first. I personally believe these wormholes with objects flying out of them are alien spacecraft exiting, then entering warp speed."

A number of speculators have used traditional theories to explain it.

Spaceweathergallery.com said: "On December 6, 2016, a huge Meteor came hurtling down the west coast of Norway. Here are frames from my video camera, brightness is best compared to the sun and I have seen estimates of a size of at least 1,000 Kilos.It created daylight on the ground miles away when it exploded."

Another blurb was created for a video that was filmed over Siberia on the RT YouTube channel. It beamed the message: "In the sky over Хакасией December 6 flew a meteorite. Locally Emercom stated that the meteorite does not reach the land and burned in the atmosphere."

YouTube/Ronny Tertnes