While Apple has always taken the high ground when it comes to laptops, Microsoft is fast creeping its way up as the other alternative among efficient and convenient computer machines. The Redmond-based tech company has been patient in coming up with a highly-enhanced product.

Microsoft is coming out with its Surface Pro 5 brand that is likely to be loaded with more memory storage, higher RAM and an efficient next-generation Kaby Lake processor. Considering that Microsoft has pitted its items against Apple units, the Pro model will be no different.

Judging from its capability to run Windows 10, this Surface model gets to be compared against the upcoming MacBook Pro which also carries a similar system. Having a small and light frame makes the Pro 5 even more enticing.

Reports reveal that the Surface unit contains a huge 512GB memory storage. More than that, battery sufficiency and functional performance are even better compared to the previous units.

Its Surface Pen has also been improved. Through a magnetic port, the stylus can be charged wirelessly.

Notable enhancements also include the presence of USB Type-C docks and Thunderbolt 3 accommodation. In addition, the 2-in-1 Surface Pro 5 laptop has an upgraded display surface with a fingerprint sensor underneath the screen.

It is also perceived that the Pro 5 will have an improved PixelSense system. With the Kaby Lake video support in place, it is probable that this laptop will carry a 4K resolution.

Although Microsoft's new laptop seems to follow the design of its predecessors, the tech group has instituted a fresh and engaging outlook into the machine. A couple of essential upgrades are introduced here.

Primarily, the Pro 5's battery life has been extended up to 16 hours. Aside from the power cell space, a re-engineered cooling system has been added. Second, the entry of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M GPU has further bolstered the graphics efficiency of the computer. Overall, Microsoft's unit is all about sustaining power and performance.