Brad Pitt reportedly checked off "joint custody" of his divorce documents to Angelina Jolie. This led everyone to think a nasty custody battle was ahead of us since Jolie requested sole custody when she filed for divorce.

According to a report by Hollywood Life, the actor isn't pushing now for a court hearing so far. "Brad is giving the kids time. He's focused on whatever is best for their well-being," claimed Us Weekly.

"Allied" actor isn't pushing for any legal action because he believes that currently, his kids wouldn't want to live with him. He thinks that his children are of the age when their opinions matter. And here's apparently why.

The kids didn't request to be with Brad Pitt on Thanksgiving. However, it doesn't seem like he wants to start a court battle just yet because things could be very sensitive. His children allegedly spent Thanksgiving away from their father.

Angie apparently kept the children from him in LA, while he went to Turks & Caicos with a close friend. Even if it seemed like Brad's getaway was pleasant, he was obviously very upset he was away from the children.

The 52-year-old actor has reportedly decided to give the kids their space, as the few visits that they did have under the supervision of Department of Child and Family Services were "better." He is allegedly "trying to reconnect" his six children.

As his short encounters with the kids have apparently been positive, his decision is not to push anything and let the kids make up their minds. Reportedly, it seems like the actor chose to act that way because he is scared the kids will choose not to live with him when the time comes. Brad is apparently being cautious since the whole situation is very touchy.

So far, the latest confirmed news about this whole Brad and Angie situation is that the actor has been cleared by the FBI and DCFS in two separate alleged child abuse investigations. So, Pitt is still aiming for joint custody, while Jolie has still got her mind set on sole custody. If this new report is true, it's not for certain if there will be an expected nasty court battle or a period of peace for the upcoming Christmas.

As for the holidays, it's still unclear if Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will celebrate Christmas together with their six kids.