A leaked teaser from Star Wars Episode 8 left the fans speculating that Rey might be a Jedi. The teaser contains a single line of dialogue believed to reveal the truth about Rey's origin.

YouTuber Mike Zeroh stated that a trailer for Star Wars Episode 8 is currently being put together and will be released in early 2017.

According to his sources, one line that will appear in the trailer is Luke Skywalker telling, "You contain the spark that will rekindle the fire." Although the news hasn't been officially confirmed, Zeroh still believes that there is good chance that it is true.

As per Screen Rant, if the line is actually in the trailer it is vague enough pique fans curiosity and yet doesn't give the plot away. The line is perfect for being in the trailer.

The website believes that giving where Star Wars Episode 7 ended, this line could indeed hint at Rey's backstory.

iDigitalTimes noted that it does make sense Luke Skywalker would understand how Rey's presence means a last chance for the future of the Jedi. The leaked line is giving fuel to the popular fan theory that Rey is Luke Skywalker's daughter and therefore also a Jedi.

Rey's parentage will definitely be an important story arc in the upcoming Star Wars movie. And fans are debating over various theories until the release. Apart from Rey being a Jedi, another theory is that Rey is from royalty.

The royalty theory suggests that somehow guards loyal to a royal family was able to sneak Rey out and save her life from the First Order by sending her to Jakku, a deserted planet where finding her would be very difficult. Other fans theorize Luke Skywalker or Han Solo as Rey's father.

Star Wars: Episode 8 is scheduled to hit theaters on December 15, 2017.