Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are rumored to be dating again but Niall Horan is slowly coming into the picture and it seems like a love triangle is in the making.

The former One Direction member just confessed that he wants to rekindle his romance with Selena. He confessed this during his chat with Ryan Seacrest on Los Angeles' 102.7 KISS-FM. Ryan Seacrest prompted him to say those meaningful remarks after Ryan made a suggestion that he should rekindle romance with Selena and in which the singer replied: "Sort it out."

Niall Horan's last relationship was last year which means that he doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment so possibly, he is really interested to rekindle romance with Selena Gomez.

But what would Justin Bieber feel about this most especially that he has been rumored to have rekindled his relationship with the pop princess. As reported also on HNGN, Justin Bieber and Selena might have gotten back which started when Selena was undergoing treatment in the rehab. After that the two were also rumored to have married secretly but until now, that has not been confirmed.

So if Niall will try to win Selena back, will Justin give up the fight already or he is also desperate to have her back?

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift just invited Selena for a Thanksgiving dinner but she declined the said invitation. According to hollywoodlife.com, Selena had her valid reason on why she can't join Taylor and the rest of the squad for the Turkey Day and that's because she wanted to be with her family on that day.

And now, people as well as the fans are waiting for how Taylor Swift could have possibly reacted on this. People wonder if she would get mad or just let it pass since they are friends and she sees nothing wrong with it. But it can be recalled that Taylor showed her support to Selena when she posted in her Instagram account a photo of her friend receiving her award at the recently concluded American Music Awards.

So there is a little possibility that Taylor Swift would get mad since she basically understand why Selena had to decline her invitation.

Well, if Niall Horan wants to rekindle romance with Selena Gomez, he would be in trouble since many fans are still hoping for Justin Bieber and Selena reunion even if Taylor Swift would dislike this idea.