Philadelphia 76ers' center Nerlens Noel hits the NBA trade rumors once again. The Sixers are said to be seriously considering to move Noel before the trade deadline. New reports are saying that Noel could be heading to the Chicago Bulls in a rumored deal with Nikola Mirotic as part of it.

The 76ers continues to struggle in the ongoing season. Losing their last 4 games, they are holding a 4-14 record and now at the bottom of the Eastern Conference division. It seems that they are decided to trade Noel to acquire a more capable player in return and could change their fortunes in the ongoing season.

Since the Bulls also have an asset that is expendable to them, NBA trade talks between them and the Sixers are looming. According to Forbes, it makes sense that the Philadelphia 76ers will send Nerlens Noel to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Nikola Mirotic as both players will become a restricted free agent next summer. And since their salaries are close, league official will give it a thumbs up.

Aside from that, both teams will benefit from this NBA trade as they get players that they can use on the spot that they most needed. In the absence of Mirotic, Doug McDermott could easily take his place and could be an opportunity for him to show his value to the team.

Noel, who is known for his shot-blocking prowess, would be an added inside presence for the Bulls' interior defense. Playing alongside Taj Gibson and Brook Lopez would also give him the chance to learn from veterans players who achieve so much in their careers. It could also be an assurance for the Bulls if ever Gibson will choose not to re-sign with the team.

As for Mirotic, he can be a stretch 3 on the Sixers rotation though he is a power forward in position. It could work wonders for them as Mirotic has the ability to shoot outside (30.5 percent in the three-point zone this season), dribble his way to the basket that could create an open situation for his teammates.

On a separate NBA trade rumor reported by The Sixer Sense, it is a matter of time that Noel will be heading to his new home. Before the new season starts, he underwent arthroscopic surgery and is still recuperating from the operation until now.

With that, he seems to be giving up to prove his worth with the team at the time that they need him the most. Aside from that, Noel and the Sixers camp wasn't able to reach an agreement on a contract extension last October 31 that heats up speculation that he want to leave the team.

Will Philadelphia 76ers' center Nerlens Noel heads to the Chicago Bulls before the NBA trade deadline?