Another wild NBA trade rumor is being the hot topic in the news today. And it seems that the teams and players involved are regular figures in the rumor mills. The teams are the Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic and Sacramento Kings with DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay, and Serge Ibaka as trade pieces on a rumored deal.

Cousins and Gay are teammates. Both players have the same sentiments and disappointments how the Kings organization is running the team. Gay has already announced that he will leave the team after the season while Cousins could also go the same way if the Kings will continue to struggle.

On the other hand, Ibaka was traded by the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Orlando Magic during the offseason. And some say that he seems to be not fit with Magic head coach Frank Vogel system and must be traded in order to gain more valuable player for him. Now, rumors are floating that the three teams are said to be in discussion about a possible trade deal.

A proposed trade deal is being suggested to the Lakers, Magic and Kings that involves 6-players and a future draft pick. Trade scenario is suggesting as follows:

1. The Los Angeles Lakers will acquire DeMarcus Cousins from the Kings and Aaron Gordon from the Magic;

2. The Orlando Magic will then get Rudy Gay from the Kings and Jordan Clarkson from the Lakers;

3. Finally, the Sacramento Kings will obtain Serge Ibaka from the Magic, Julius Randle and a first-round draft pick from the Lakers.

Some say that this NBA trade deal seems to be fair to all teams but one team might turn down this deal. The Lakers will get one of the dominant centers in the league plus a perfect replacement to Randle in PF spot. While the Magic will have two capable offensive guys which they badly needed as they are among the league worst offenses today.

Meanwhile, the Kings will have the bigger adjustment on their acquisition. They badly need point guards and a wing player but instead, they get other big men that will be added on a congested frontline already. They might choose to call off this as this is not beneficial for them.

Aside from that, the Lakers seem to be happy with Clarkson and Randle helping the team achieve their goal. Also, Clarkson just recently signed a 4-year, $50 million contract with the Lakers and under NBA trade rules he cannot be traded until such time as per checking with ESPN NBA Trade Machine.

The rumored deal between the Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, and Sacramento Kings seems to be unfeasible and ridiculous to other teams that are involved and will not work under the NBA trade rules.