Nintendo's Pokémon Sun and Moon are the fastest selling games in the western continents. The sales peaked as the company sold 3.7 million copies of both the games in Americas within two weeks and 1.5 million units in the Europe.

Pokémon Sun and Moon has left behind Pokémon X and Y that were released back in 2013. The sales were 15.64 million worldwide, surprisingly, Sun and Moon have crossed it within a fortnight. Pokémon Go's augmented reality created a craze among people who are now addicted to Nintendo's games.

Reportedly, 1.5 million copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon have been sold in Europe with 368,000 of them in the UK alone. While in Japan, 1.9 million copies have also reportedly sold.

Rumors suggest Nintendo is in the process of developing the next series of games to be named Pokémon Stars. According to Euro Gamer, Game Freak - the studio behind Nintendo was already developing Stars alongside Sun and Moon but, Stars was not released to focus more on 3DS versions.

Nintendo's announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon sales by the year's end hints to the release of new version early next year. However, there is nothing in official yet fans can expect Pokémon Stars next year.

Pokémon Stars might have similar features and maps as the earlier versions but with enhanced technology. Pokémon users might need to buy Nintendo Switch for Pokémon Stars.

Nintendo reports 45 million Pokémon Go users daily. The augmented reality has boosted up the sales of Pokémon games. While Nintendo boosts its sales, it's pretty much sure the franchise to come up with an amazing version of Pokémon next year. 

To know more about Pokémon Sun and Moon game, watch the video below.