Although founder Mark Zuckerberg has downplayed the role being portrayed by Facebook during the recent US Elections, new developments about the incoming US President indicated otherwise.

This after Donald Trump himself declared that the social network has raised his numbers during the election period.

In an interview on CBS, the real estate billionaire has also cited the contributions of Twitter and Instagram. He added that because of these networking sites, less money has been spent on his campaign.

His pronouncement may have been interpreted as a dig against losing Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton who many believed had spent a fortune on traditional and digital advertisings to help her presidential bid.

Talking to 60 Minutes host Lesley Stahl, Trump shared that he has proven his supposition which stresses that social media packs a lot of potency than financial resources.

Considering that he is a regular tweeter, the wealthy entrepreneur seemed to be updated about his figures on social networks. He perceived that he managed to gain more followers daily. It is estimated that he has more than 28 million followers on all combined social media platforms where he is a member.

Trump further declared that what he likes about the social domains is the kind of approach that allows him to respond back. Unlike traditional media, which capitalizes on misinformation or fake narratives, Facebook and Twitter made it easier for him to release or hand out what he truly thinks.

However, the President-elect is considering about toning down his social network usage. Judging from the fact that he has been using these platforms to respond against his worst critics, it is unlikely that he will indeed mellow down his presence on social media.

On the other hand, Twitter board member Debra Lee has been quick to take credit for her company's role in Trump's election win. She said that the upcoming President knew how to tap the social media directly compared to just hanging around waiting about the latest updates on the news.