One Piece Chapter 846 witnessed the capture of Luffy and Nami by Big Mom's Army. With this unfortunate event, could the next episode of the hit Japanese manga series see the release of both characters? Or will their agony by extended as captives foreseeable future?

Luffy and Nami captured

Chapter 846 of One Piece was capped off by the defeat of Luffy and Nami, who faced a very strong and overwhelming army lead by Big Mom, as per the report. Both weren't killed due to the orders to Big Mom's Army that they should be caught alive.

The Agreement

Also in One Piece Chapter 846, Sanji made negotiations with Big Mom for the release of Luffy and Nami. It was a rather surprising move for Big Mom, who accommodated Sanji despite the ruckus and devastation that the two had made. The said agreement comes with a bargain on Sanji's part; in order for the release to happen, he must marry Big Mom's daughter first, which is an event to be unveiled in One Piece Chapter 847.

Big Mom's poneglyphs

One Piece Chapter 846 also angles on the value of Big Mom's three poneglyphs. These mysterious stones with historic symbols inscribed on them are being guarded by one of Big Mom's commanders, known as Charlotte Smoothie, who happens to also be Big Mom's 14th daughter, tasked to secure these precious stone blocks.

Poneglyph heist

In One Piece Chapter 847, Pedro might sneak into Big Mom's Hall of Treasure to steal these poneglyphs. Pedro will conspire with Pekoms and will plan the heist carefully before doing it. Pedro and Pekoms fully believe that Luffy will need the poneglyphs to point the way to Raftel Island.

Will they pull it off?

Luffy must locate Raftel Island as a means for him to finally become the Pirate King. Tamago will find Pedro and Pekoms planning the best situation before stealing the poneglyphs in One Piece Chapter 847. Will they be able to get past Big Mom's security without being caught?