Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may not be the picture perfect couple that they love to showcase. If rumors to be believed, their marriage is on the rocks right now and they are desperately trying to sort things out before failing miserably.

According to Daily Mail, Keith has been meeting his ex-lover Joni Wilson behind Nicole's back. The meeting was so intimate that Joni has penned down a sexy love song for him.

"My song was about calling your boss to say you're not coming in for the day - you're staying at home with your lover and having sex," said Joni in an interview with New Idea Magazine.

"I thought it would be perfect for Keith, being a sexy love song," she added.

Keith and Joni met in 90s and according to her, he was this charismatic guy and started flirting with her.

An insider told the publication that Keith's habit of flirting hasn't changed up to now especially when he is on tours and Nicole is not with him.

The insider also revealed that Joni is not the only former girlfriend that Keith keeps in touch with. The interview with Joni was reportedly very telling, and Nicole should watch out as Keith might be cheating on her anytime.

According to ENSTARS, the couple is trying very hard to save their 10-year-old marriage right now.

A source said that the couple has been struggling with different problems in their marriage for a very long time now.

As per Gack Hollywood, Nicole Kidman recently opened up in "The Jess Cagle" Interview and stated that she finds it impossible to deal with Keith Urban's alcohol addiction and asked him to seek help in the matter.

Nicole Kidman even admitted to her close friends that they have decided to take a three month breather and try to live life separate from each other.  If the problems don't seem to cease, then they will permanently split up.