After stories of rows with Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle, now it is the turn of Camilla Parker Bowles to get involved with Kate Middleton. It has come to the light that she and Kate Middleton are at loggerheads and the reason is pretty ridiculous.

It is said that the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall had a fight over Princess Charlotte's dressing, reports International Business Times. According to National Enquirer, Camilla was not ok with Kate choosing an old cardigan sweater of Prince George to dress her little daughter Charlotte. She was upset that Prince William's wife allowed Charlotte to be seen and photographed in that old sweater.

However, Gossip Cop, the popular website, has said that all of this is false and there are no such issues between the two Duchesses. It cites the absurdity of the story and slams the quarrel report. Sadly, there is some reason to find merit in the story. Author Christopher Anderson has made startling revelations about the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law in his book.

He claimed that Camilla was not happy with the idea of Kate joining the royal family. The Duchess of Cornwall did not look upon her as someone worthy of royalty as Kate has descended from coal miners and her mother was a flight attendant. The fact that she belonged to the working class did not sit well with Camilla.

Well, the Duchess does seem to have unfavorable views about Kate Middleton but Prince William has good things to say about his wife. During his recent trip to Vietnam, he said that Kate is an amazing mother and fantastic wife, reports Independent Style. He praised her thoroughly and called himself lucky for having her support. He also attended a memorial service along with her at Chester Cathedral.

It is worth mentioning here that Prince William and his younger brother Harry are known to be quite frank about discussing their personal lives, as compared to the other members of the royal family. The latter also defended his girlfriend Meghan Markle recently and slammed the media for trolling and abusing her.