The Royal family may not be in much of a celebratory mood this holiday season. This as rumors of feud between Kate Middleton and Prince William started to swirl around which may lead to a divorce.

Earlier this month, Prince Harry asked the press to leave his girlfriend Meghan Markle alone while pointing out that feared for her safety.

Following Harry's announcement, his older brother Prince William also issued an official statement expressing support to his brother's decision.

According to The Telegraph, these statements were made after a detailed and face to face conversation between Harry and William.

This is a big tell-tale of how serious Harry and Meghan in their relationship.  And now it seems like William has also given the couple his blessings.

But not all is good with the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who is speculated to be very jealous of Harry and Meghan's relationship.

As per GameNGuide, William and Kate were going through a rough patch for quite some time now. After seeing William favoring Meghan and her relationship with Harry, there was a huge fight between the couple.

Fans are speculating a split between the couple soon. Kate has been mum since the whole ordeal, not once was her name mentioned officially where she supported Meghan.

Furthermore, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that the Duchess has decided to ditch the Royal family for the holidays and spend time with her own family in Anmer Hall. Needless to say, Kate is taking the children, George, 4 and Charlotte, 1, with her. She may not be joining the royal clan at Sandringham for the upcoming festivities.

It was also reported that even the Queen finds Meghan to be more approachable than Kate.  It seems like Kate Middleton is finding herself as the odd one out between Prince William, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.