Want to know when will you possibly die? A technological calculator can aid in calculating the years you have left to live.

The Life Expectancy Calculator can give you the particular age where one will fall off one's perch based on gender, age and the actual location of residence.

The predicted year of the death can be analyzed from the data taken from the Office of National Statistics, which is combined with the current mortality rates.

Therefore, the life expectancy of men and women varies and keeps on fluctuating based on the location.

According to Daily Star, in 2012 and 2014, new born baby girls in Chiltern and Camden can make to it 86.7 years, but bad news for boys as they can make it to only 74.7 years.

For women who are in their late 40's and based in Birmingham can look forward to 38.3 years compared to women of the same age group, but based in East Dorset can look forward to 42.3 years.

For men, who are in their early 70's and are reading in Newcastle can live up to 14.3 years while those living in Kensington and Chelsea might live 17.8 years.

But these results should be taken seriously. The results are always subjected to variations as the factors determining the year of the death are constantly on the move.

People sometimes move up and down in the country and their overall determinants alter.

The numbers also revealed the areas ranked in terms of lower life expectancy. North East, the North West and Wales come under the list.

Top 50 areas included South East, East of England, South West, London and East Midlands. These areas constitute the highest male life expectancy at birth.

The results for women were the same as well. However, they also included one each in North West, Yorkshire and The Humber as well.