Juicy J announced last year that he would be giving $50,000 to the winner of his self-proclaimed "twerking" scholarship, and despite backlash and outrage and tons of twerking videos sent to the rapper, one 19-year-old Florida college student managed to win without ever doing the dance.

Why? Zaire Holmes, a mother of one and biology major at the State College of Florida, read the scholarship's fine print, which despite Juicy J's claims on Twitter would be given to "the best chick than can twerk," didn't require any twerking in order to win the money, MadameNoire reports.

"It's not always about shaking your a**," the rapper said in the video where Holmes received the scholarship money. "Next time I send out a tweet about a scholarship, make sure you take it seriously. Read the words."

Holmes, who cried when she received the check as the money would be used to cover all of her lab expenses, echoed Juicy J, saying, "A lot of people thought that you had to twerk, but you actually had to read the rules."

Nonetheless, countless young adults sent in videos of themselves twerking at home, in public and even on palm trees, and some fans even threatened to boycott his latest album, "Stay Trippy," over the contest.

"Why? I'm giving back to the community...I'm giving money away," Juicy J said late last year on air with Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club after Angela Yee asked him how he felt about the "heat" over his contest.