UFO sightings and NASA have been two major topics of discussion among alien hunters and conspiracy theorists in 2016. A recent image captured by NASA cameras has further added fuel to this ongoing debate about whether the space agency is trying to hide facts about alien life.

According to The Sun, a massive blue ball was spotted in front of the Sun in a picture captured by NASA satellites that point at the sun. The picture was first brought into notice by a Facebook user named Pamela Johnson, who claimed that several frames were missing from the feed following the appearance of the object.

The picture of massive blue object in front of the sun was captured by NASA's satellite Stereo H1 nearly one week ago. While the appearance of the object in the picture immediately caught attention of all UFO enthusiasts and alien hunters, Johnson claims that some of the frames went missing from the feed in the following days.

In her post of social media, Johnson explained how Sun casts light coming from the left side of the frame. It has been claimed that the Sun started to react to the mysterious blue object on Nov. 15 and on the following days, several frames went missing. This has been confirmed by Johnson by looking at the archive satellite images.

Meanwhile, sceptics believe that NASA would not behave so carelessly and let such a thing reach out to the public. However, the object looks mysterious indeed as it does not moves with the frames and appears and disappears on its own.

According to the Morning Ledger, the mysterious blue object could actually be a celestial body made up of matter and that the American space agency may be trying hard to hide facts about the latest planet discovery. But speculations are high that it could be a UFO too.

Another user named Mike Sovereign suggests that the blue object looks like a holographic image, which is being projected on Sun from some place else. NASA, on the other hand, has not confirmed about the origin of the object or what it actually is.