Earlier this November, we have already learned that 100 new Pokémon from Generation 2 has been added to Pokémon Go. Though we weren't able to catch them, their names did appear in the code, which could only mean that an upcoming update is already right around the corner.

Although Niantic has yet to give any official announcements on the addition of new Pokémon to the game, an internal memo from Starbucks might have just given away the official release date.

Just last Thursday, an alleged Starbucks employee took to the Pokémon Go subreddit to share what he claims is an internal memo from corporate which reveals a brand new marketing campaign that equates with the release of Pokeman Version 2. The leaked image that contains the information regarding the launch has already been spread entirely online.

Issues with the shared letter

As numerous Redditors have already pointed out, there are quite a few major issues that go along with this letter. Not only is there any proof that it actually came from Starbucks. But there is a very critical typo in the form of "Pokeman," which appears three times.

Along with the image, the source has included a message that insists that the photo is legitimately coming from Starbucks and that he's not making anything up.

The message and photo removed

The message and the leaked image have since been deleted but some Redditors and other analysts say that they have been able to verify the validity of the email. However, they weren't able to confirm the line about Pokémon Go was there originally.

Expect something big on December 7

Fans are not going to get hyped just yet, especially considering how shady the source of the leak is, but don't be surprised if some new Pokémon start popping up in Pokémon GO around the 7th of December. If that is truly the release date, Niantic will most likely make an official announcement beforehand.