"Alien" fans shouldn't lose hopes in expecting for a fifth installment in the venerable sci-fi franchise. "Alien" star Lance Henriksen is very confident that director Neill Blomkamp's "Alien 5" will push through and it will be "something spectacular."

Henriksen believes Alien 5 will push through

Henriksen made the statement when the subject came up in an interview about his guest role in DC's "Legends of Tomorrow."

Henriksen played the heroic Android Bishop in the 1986's Aliens. He seemed ecstatic at the idea of reprising his role again, despite the fact that he wasn't exactly in great condition by the end of Aliens.

"They're definitely going to make another one. And it will pick up right where Aliens left off. I don't know if I'm going to be in a baggie or how I'm going to be in it though but it's going to happen," he said.

"Blomkamp is a really wonderful, wonderful writer. I have a hunch that if he did it, it would be something really spectacular," he pointed out.

Aliens 5 is put on hold indefinitely

Blomkamp was summoned to write and direct "Alien 5," which reportedly will bypass the events of 1992's "Alien 3" and 1997's "Alien: Resurrection".

The fifth installment will be bringing characters like Bishop (Henriksen), Corporal Hicks (Michael Biehn), Newt (Carrie Henn), and Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), among others.

Unfortunately, the project stopped as 20th Century Fox chose to focus on Ridley Scott's Prometheus follow-up, "Alien: Covenant." Blomkamp confirmed in October 2015 that "Alien 5" has been put on hold indefinitely.

Henriksen is honored to be part of the film

Henriksen also talked about the enduring appreciation of Aliens as fans are currently celebrating the film's 30th anniversary.

"The proof in the pudding is that Aliens is still viable. It's not an 'old' movie. It works, and it still works. I was in Austin, Texas recently and they were holding a screening for it, like a full house. Everyone was reciting the lines. I mean everybody. It was really fun. That movie had a huge impact, for sure. Jim [Cameron]'s work on it was really excellent."