The amazing news from Mars doesn't cease. There have been a number of curious objects discovered on Mars that have been reported by HNGN. The latest finding in a NASA Curiosity Rover image is that of a 'brick wall' on the Red Planet.

One part of the image seems to look like the remains of a wall or a building. When you zoom in, you find a strange structure with some precision, rather like a wall on earth.

That image had ufologists springing in excitement. UFO hunter Scott C. Waring put up the image on on November 12.

Why does he think it is a brick wall on Mars?

His explanation is: "It's incredibly detailed and too perfect for it to be a natural object. I am amazed by its simplicity, yet perfection, as if I were looking at the wall around my neighbour's front yard.

Some comments have pooh-poohed it.

One reader said: "This is stupid hahaha."

Another wrote: "No way is this legit... looks so fake."

One believer, though, mentioned: "Very impressive, worried though what kind of devastation would leave just a few artifacts or few bricks like this?"

The comments are interesting, but they do not give alternative explanations as to why there are "fake" structures on Mars. The brick wall is just one of the many found on Mars that seem to indicate something beyond our understanding.

There have been so many tantalizing hints of life on Mars - a face, a skull, a crab, a ruined fort...but they have all remained just hints. No other reactions or plans to explore more of it have come in from NASA.