UFO sightings are hitting the news headlines the past few days. UFOs have been all over the newspapers, TV news and also on all internet site. But one of the biggest news with regard to UFO is the report of its appearance in Italy.

It seems that their presence makes us wonder why they are here? Are they looking for something here on our planet? Are they planning to contact us? Do they plan to invade us? Or are they are trying to tell us something? And it looks like the answer is what happened in Italy just recently.

According to Express, a picture of a UFO mothership that appears to be hiding in the clouds was released on the internet and gets viral. A stunned witness was able to capture the image of the gigantic alien aircraft floating above the sky before it vanishes swiftly. The picture was reportedly taken in Lecco, Italy last November 2.

Conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters now claimed that the spherical lights that appear to be a "flying saucer" soaring in the sky is indeed a UFO spacecraft and it happens to be telling something as per stated in the report. And now, they are also claiming that it might have something to do with the earthquake that hit the country lately.

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Central Italy last November 4 two days after its appearance in Lecco. It could also be linked to the 6.6 magnitude quake that also struck the country last October 30.

The report also says that this is not the first instance that UFO is being seen before a big earthquake is coming and it could be the aliens are really giving us signs of an approaching tragedy to come.

In a report by Mobile & Apps, UFO enthusiasts and fanatics do believe that alien aircraft have the advanced facility to observe and detect the Earth's geological condition that could give us warning of an impending disaster.

Though there's no official statement regarding the real existence of alien life forms on our planet, it must something to ponder about now that more sightings are being reported and recorded.

Is the UFO sightings in Italy gave people a warning of an impending earthquake?