Melania Trump earns the distinction of the only first lady to pose nude for a magazine. When Donald Trump takes office next january, Melania Trump will be pretty much by his side.

Posed Nude for Men's Magazine

Three years before she met Trump, Melania posed nude for a  French men's monthly magazine. The bombshell photo reportedly shows her lying naked with Scandinavian model Emma Eriksson.

The Week UK added that Melania is the least popular first lady coming into office since Hillary Clinton herself who was'nt very popular as first lady.

Rejected Donald Trump at First

According to The Star, Melania Trump rejected Donald Trump's request for her number the first time they met since Donald was accompanied by another woman, Celina Midelfart. Trump reportedly wooed her after that and they began dating. The couple got married in 2005 and had a child, Barron the next year.

Real Name is Melanija Knavs

The star reports various tidbits about her, which includes that her real name is Melanija Knavs, who is from a small town in Slovenia, which was formerly Yugoslavia and she is known to be very reserved.

Melania Speaks Five Languages

She loves knitting, speaks five languages and is a doting mother. She became a US citizen reportedly only after she married Trump in 2005. Also, she has her own bathroom which she attributes to the secret behind their successful marriage thus far.

Second Foreign Born First Lady

Clintons had attended their wedding. The report goes on to give specific details about the next first lady. Melania is the second foreign born first lady to ever enter the white house and has a secret half brother.

Lastly, Melania Trump reportedly believes that people should be nicer to each other, supports her husband's hard stand on immigration.She is also raising her son to be "little Donald" and wishes her husband would act more "presidential."