GoPro Karma drone was recalled by the company just a few days of its release to the tech market.

GoPro released the details of its recall order to  its official website. This after few numbers of reported cases with the GoPro Karma drone losing power while on flight. GoPro is reported to be recalling 2,500 Karma drones which have been purchased after its release.

According to TechTimes, GoPro has made an easy way for the purchasers of the GoPro Karma drone. GoPro has stated that even the consumers have not found the issues of such type in the drone; the consumers are requested to send the Karma drone back.

Hotline Numbers and access online supports are provided by the GoPro for the return of the Karma Drone. For the purchasers from GoPro website, contact 1-866-886-3001 or visit this link and for the buyers from Best Buy shall contact 1-800-566-7498 or click here.

GoPro will refund the money for the customers who participate in the recall of the GoPro Karma drone.

The report also noted that the recall program only covers the Karma drone, customers who purchased it in a bundle with the Hero5 Black camera and the Karma Grip should also need to return them along with the drone.

"Safety is our top priority," said Nick Woodman, the CEO and founder of GoPro. It is reported that the company is currently working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration in the investigation.

The company said that it will overcome the issue which is very much disappointing and it is said that the shipments of the GoPro Karma Drone will be resumed into the tech market.